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An Associate degree is the first level of earning a degree. This is usually for students who do not have much life or ministry experience that can be applied towards earning their degree. They could be coming right out of high school. An Associate degree is a 2-year program of study with the possibility of earning 60 credits or less is life or ministry experience can be applied. An Associate degree will arm any student with a very good basic foundation in any area of studies from a Christian perspective.


Many students will be entering at this level of study. Bachelor studies may obtain up to 60 credits for life and ministry experience. They may also use any credits, clock hours, or CEU’s that they have obtained from other schools, workshops, or seminar attendance. Those areas will be evaluated when they send proof along with their application through fax, email, or post office. A Bachelor degree in any of the offered areas of study can open many doors in the ministerial arena: staff positions in a church, teaching at a Bible college or seminary, Christian schools and even some of the secular areas may also accept your Bachelor degree. It is the decision of any school or workplace if they will accept any of our ecclesiastical degrees. Your studies with RTS are not designed to prepare you for a secular job position. They are solely for the benefit of the Kingdom of God.

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Our Masters Degrees indicate that you have mastered an area of studies. And now you are not only able to do the job associated with the degree you have earned but you are also well able to teach others to do the same. Positions available to you in the areas of Pastoral Care and Specialized Ministries will be to open your own Pastoral Counseling practice either under the direction of your church or any non-profit organization. Once you have completed a degree in this area of study you may take the GBOE Board Exam and qualify for Board Certification as a Pastoral Counselor. You could also teach in any Christian type school such as Theological Seminaries, Christian Colleges, Christian Academy, etc. with a Master’s degree in some of the other areas of study such as Theology, Christian Education, and Divinity, etc. When you have mastered a subject, you position yourself to earn a doctorate degree. If you are a graduate of RTS only 30 credits (1 year) of study is required to earn your next degree.


A Doctorate degree shows that the RTS student has gone beyond mastering an academic subject. This degree can open many doors of opportunity. This person has persevered through many trials and tribulations as they continued to press forward to the finish line. They have been tested on many fronts and have held out and won by defeating every battle set before them. They will be looked at in the highest regard and have shown that they have what it takes to be Presidents and Vice-presidents of Christian companies or to establish their own business with what it takes to keep it going forward.

Doctorate students are required to write a 150-page Dissertation. It is hopeful that it will become their first published work. A Doctorate degree is a 2-year program of study unless the student has obtained a degree with us previously.





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